Panorama is only using high quality raw materials. The elements are based on profiles and high quality fittings from European producers. All profiles are reinforced by galvanised steel. The profiles are of a special tropical formulation with a high concentration of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), which prevent decolourisation due to UV radiation. The Glass is high quality thermal glass. Gaskets are of Neoprene (EPDM) a thermally stable elastomer, totally resistant to UV radiation and the tropical climate in the Middle East. More than 100 Mio uPVC elements based on this technology have been installed worldwide.

Panorama Windows is one of the European leading names in high performance uPVC windows and doors. Panorama windows are available in a range of styles and designs to suit every application, but have one thing in common, stylish good looks and outstanding thermal, sound, safety, and weather performance. Panorama window systems are the ideal solution because of their attractive design and physical properties. The high insulating multi-chambered systems help minimise air conditioning costs and increase stability and security. Optimum sound-insulation provides peace and quietness while maintenance-free, waterproof and age-resistant material guarantees a long-lasting attractive appearance. The metal reinforcements ensure a high degree of security.

uPVC Specification

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